Sanctioned by the Swedish Figure Skating Association, Malmö Konståkningsklubb is happy to invite you to participate in:


Skate Malmö Adults 2017 is an interclub adult figure skating competition that will take place on the 29-30 April 2017 in Malmö, Sweden.

Skate Malmö Adults 2017 will be conducted in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations, the ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules for Single & Pair Skating and the relevant ISU Communications.

Participation in the competition Skate Malmö Adults 2017 is open to all athlets who

- are members of a regional skating association witch belongs to an ISU member federation or an ISU member association

- fit into the age groups in this announcement

- since juli 1, 2016, have not participated in a national or international competiton of the ISU/National Governing Bodies. (exception: adults competitions)


Skate Malmö Adults 2017 has following categories:

  • Ladies Free Skating

  • Men Free Skating

  • Pairs Free Skating

  • Ladies Artistic Skating

  • Men Artistic Skating

  • Pairs Artistic Skating


Competitors are divided first by technical skills. Competitions in Ladies and Men Free Skating, and Ladies and Men Artistic Skating will be held at Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters and Masters Elite levels.
Competitions in Pair Free Skating and Pair Artistic Skating will be held at Adult, Intermediate, Masters and Masters Elite levels. Each participant choose his/her own skating level (read more).

Age catgories

They are then divided into age categories (YA, I, II, III, IV, V). At the time of registration the competitors will be placed in the correct age category (read more).

Organizer: Malmö Konståkningsklubb

Date: 29-30 of April 2017

Venue: Rosengårds ishall, Malmö, (30 x 60 m), heated

Evaluation: All categories ISU Judging System


Please click on the tab Entries & Timeschedule for detailed time schedule and practise schedule.

Friday 28th of April:

Opening draw at the ice rink (19.00)

Saturday 29th of April:

Practise + Free Skating Ladies, Men, and Pairs

Sunday 30th of April:

Artistic Skating Ladies, Men, and Pairs.


All event Officials, Judges, Team Leaders, Competitors and Coaches taking part in the Competition are requested to register at the ice-rink from the morning of 29th of April.
Address: Rosengårds ishall, Frölichs väg 6, Malmö
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 55.581829 | Longitude: 13.043673


In accordance with Rule 119, the Organizing Committee accepts no liability for bodily or personal injury, or for property loss or damage incurred by Competitors and Officials. Each ISU member or their affiliated clubs is expected to provide their own insurance protection.
The Organizer will provide emergency medical services for all invited Officials and Competitors during the competition period.